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Recent Shows

3/4/23 with Isaac van Fosl-Wyke

4/8/23 Surface Noise with st. anne x cello

4/15/23 KMACcouture 2023

4/23/23 Louisville Broadcast with the Louisville Orchestra and Lisa Bielawa

5/4/23 b-side at Decade with Joan Shelley, Nathan Salsburg, Cereal Glyphs

5/11/23 Mothering Me at Art Sanctuary

5/20/23 SAPAT at Foxhollow Farm

1/30/22 Kunstlieder Recital German American Club 2pm

2/6/22 Kunstlieder Recital St. John UCC Clay and Market 2pm

9/4 at Surface Noise with Okapi Duo

9/19 at the Flamingo Lounge with Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel

3rd Saturday Limbo Tiki Lounge with La Petite Musique

Every Sunday at Pints and Union with Boom pah pah starting 8/29

Every Friday at Common Haus with Boom pah pah

5/22/21 La Petite Musique at the Flea Off Market 1-3pm Fresh Start Growers Supply

6/19 La Petite Musique Limbo Tiki Bar 7:30-9:30


Solo set at Late for Dinner, Art Sanctuary 10/9/20 video here

French Lick Resort 2/7/20

Rembrandt's Madison, IN 1/25

Every 3rd Friday at Brasserie Provence- next 1/17, 6-9pm

Every other Sunday, 6-8pm with La Petite Musique at the Limbo Tiki Bar-next: 1/19

Once a month at aloft hotel next: 2/15/20

solo show with Misha Feigin, David Grubbs 12/28/19

solo show with Jonathan Glen Wood,  12/17/19

September 5 solo set with Fool's Ghost and Okapi, Kaiju

September 8 solo set with Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel, Kaiju

September 13 solo set for Mixed Feelings, Against the Grain Brewery

September 18 Boom pah pah at Gordon Biersch Brewery

September 27 5 Sonnets to Orpheus with AJ Cornell, Chapel of St. Phllip Neri

September 28 Boom pah pah , St. Lukes

October 3 solo set at Surface Noise

October 4, 5 La Petite Musique playing for Brasserie Provence's anniversary

October 5, 12, 19 12-3pm Boom pah pah, Belle of Louisville Cruises Oktoberfest

October 16 Boom pah pah at LPAS school

June 1, 2019 with Orchestra Enigmatic at Art Sanctuary

June 14, 2019 solo set opening for Emma Ruth Rundle and MONO

March 24, La Petite Musique at the Limbo Tiki Bar

March 29, 2019 with softcheque for the Auralgami Sounds Anniversary


April 11, 2019 Improv set with Extra Special, Nest Egg and Flanger Magazine at Kaiju, Louisville, KY

March 10, La Petite Musique at the Limbo Tiki Bar

March 15, 2019 La Petite Musique at Brasserie Provence

March 13, 2019 solo set at Kaiju

February 10, 2019, 2:30pm singing selections by 12th c composer Hildegard von Bingen

February 9, 2019, 6-10pm  with Boom Pah Pah at the German-American Club

December 29, 2018 with Phantom Family Halo Record Release, Zanzabar

December 1 with Boom Pah Pah at the German-American Club,  6-10pmLouisville, KY

November 30 with La Petite Musique at Brasserie Provence

November 19 and 20, 2018, La Petite Musique at LPAS

November 16, 2018 La Petite Musique at Louisville Stoneware

November 12, 2018 with Aaron Rosenblum at Kaiju

June 23 with the Rascals of Ragtyme at the German-American Club,  6-10pmLouisville, KY

July 29 solo set at the Butchertown Social for the Sunday Series No. 4 by auralgamiSOUNDS and Obsolete Staircases

September 22 double French/German set for the IMAGINE 2020 grant at the South Central Regional Branch 2-4pm

March 29, 2018 at Kaiju with Andrea-Jane Cornell, Louisville, KY

February 9, 2018 7-9pm with Mike O'Bryan and Christ Tolbert at Copper & Kings, Louisville, KY


February 16, 2018 8pm solo set at Speed Museum, Louisville, KY 

September 29 2017 5-7pm French Lounge, Lucky's,  Louisville, KY

October 7,14,21 2017 12pm-3pm cruise Boom pah pah, Belle of Louisville, Oktoberfest, Louisville, KY

August 25 2017 Glass Girls 10p-1a Jimmy Can't Dance, Louisville, KY

September 3 2017 solo set for Sara Louise Soltau's Tape Release

TBD, Louisville, KY

September 23 2017 Boom pah pah , TBD, Cincinnati, OH

June 7 2017 solo set at the Green Room, Louisville, KY

June 8 2017 solo set opening for Alan Licht, Dreamland, Louisville, KY

June 21 2017 solo at Louisville Women's Club, KY

May 27  2017 SAPAT for Sophomore Lounge "Expensive Decade" Anniversary

Kaiju, Louisville, KY


May 12 2017  6pm French Lounge for the Alliance Francaise, Brasserie Provence, Lou, KY


Apr 21 2017 with Jecorey "1200" Arthur as part of the Festival of Faiths

Compassion Jam, Bomhard Theatre, Kentucky Center, Louisville

Mar 10 2017 Dane Waters with Wood/Argabright and Throbbing Chakra

The Green Room, Louisville, KY

Feb 17 2017 softcheque for Auralgami Sounds Anniversary

Kaiju, Louisville, KY

Jan 15  2017 SAPAT 

Dreamland, Louisville, KY

Jan 22 2017 French Lounge

Kaden Tower, Louisville, KY

Dec 3 SAPAT w Frank Hurricane and Pet Eunuch

The Green Room, Fresh Start, Louisville, KY

Dec 17 Glass Girls

Lola's at Butchertown Grocery, Louisville, KY

Oct 31 Ghostripper at Boolu #5

Decca Restaurant, Louisville, KY


October 8 -7pm sharp

Kyle Coma-Thompson's Book Release

Night of the Sun with softcheque

Louis's "The Ton", Louisville, KY

October 1, 8,15,22 Oktoberfest

Belle of Louisville, KY

October 20 solo w Cher Von and Camera Lucida

OPEN Gallery, Louisville , KY

October 28 Glass Girls

Butchertown Grocery, Louisville, KY

September 10 Glass Girls

Butchertown Grocery, Louisville, KY

September 30 w Jonathan Glen Wood Ensemble

Dreamland, Louisville, KY

September 24

solo @ St. John UCC

Nulufest, Louisville , KY




August 20 Radiate the Finite record release

w AJ Cornell and Julia Purcell

Dreamland, Louisville, KY

August 13 solo

w Danny Kiely, Meg Samples, Kendall Carter, 

Joey Thieman

Butchertown Grocery, Louisville, KY


August 5

showing of Movement in Music II

collaboration with Ashley Thursby-Kern of the Louisville Ballet

Dreamland, Louisville, KY


July 23 solo w Danny Kiely, Meg Samples, Kendall Carter, 


Joey Thieman

Butchertown Grocery, Louisville, KY


July 16 with the Rascals of Ragtyme

German-American Club, Louisville, KY

July 14 Ghostripper with Ancient Warfare and Seluah

The New Vintage, Louisville , KY

July 3 solo set with Timbre (Nashville)

Dreamland, Louisville , KY

July 2 softcheque record release show

"Sand in Your Mind"

Haymarket, Louisville, KY

May 15 Marsha Roberts Williams Organ Recital + Evensong

St. Thomas Episcopal, Louisville, KY

April 30 softcheque with TFCF and Asm-A-Tik

The Cure Lounge, Louisville, KY

April 5 Ghostripper with Teal Grapefruit

Zanabar, Louisville, KY


March 18 solo set

w Jonathan Glen Wood

Kaiju, Louisille, KY



March 23 softcheque

with Yonatan Gat and Jaye Jayle

Kaiju, Louisville, KY


February  12 Ghostripper

w Andrew Rinehart and Cat Casual and the Holy Midnight

Kaiju, Louisville, KY


February 6, 2016 

softcheque for Auralgami Sounds

One Year Anniversary Showcase 

Dreamland, Louisville, KY


December 30, 2015

performing  with Dreamland Improvisation Ensemble and David Grubbs

Dreamland, Louisville,  Kentucky


December 5

performing  as Ghostripper

The Cure, Louisville,  Kentucky


November 20

solo with Jonathan Glen Wood and M. Hellmich

Louisville Community Acupuncture Louisville,  Kentucky


October 10, 17, 24

performing German songs with the Rascals of Ragtyme 

Belle of Louisville, Louisville,  Kentucky



October 23

performing solo with Ghostripper and Horseless

Dreamland, Louisville,  Kentucky


September 18 

French Lounge

Decca, Louisville,  Kentucky


September 26

performing solo set St. John UCC Sanctuary

Nulufest, Louisville,  Kentucky


October 2

performing with Tasuya Nakatani

Dreamland, Louisville,  Kentucky


October 3

performing with SAPAT for the Reloaded Plastic Inevitable

Art Sanctuary, Louisville,  Kentucky


October 10, 17, 24

performing German songs with the Rascals of Ragtyme for Oktoberfest Cruise

Belle of Louisville, Louisville,  Kentucky


October 11

performing with softcheque for the Louisville Outskirts Festival

Art Sanctuary, Louisville,  Kentucky


August 28

Throat Pan at OPEN Gallery
Louisville, Kentucky


August 23

softcheque with shutaro noguchi
The New Vintage, Louisville,  Kentucky


July 31

Solo show at SONICBernheim
Bernheim Forest, Clermont, Kentucky


July 12 

performing with Cher Von at Poorcastle
Apocalypse Brewing Co, Louisville, Kentucky


July 18

performing with SAPAT and Folklords
Dreamland, Louisville, Kentucky


June 28

Solo show for Southern Girls' Convention

Tim Faulkner Gallery

Louisville, Kentucky


July 7

performing with Throat Pan (Cher Von, Amber Estes Thieneman

Tyler Dippold and Jonathan Glen Wood in straight up vocal group!)
Zanzabar, Louisville, Kentucky

June 9 

Solo show with C.J. Boyd and Cher Von
Open Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky


June 12  

Solo show with Analog Cannibal
Cure Lounge, Louisville, Kentucky


June 19 

German Polka and Cabaret
Bardstown, Kentucky


May 29 

SAPAT Show with State Champion
The New Vintage, Louisville, Kentucky


May 24, 2015 

Concert with Organist Rob Williamson

performing sacred works
Church of the Good Shepherd, Lexington, Kentucky


May 17, 2015​ 

performing with Orchestra Enigmatic

The Women's Club of Louisville Auditorium, Louisville, Kentucky


May 2, 2015

Improv with Dream Eye Color Wheel 
Kaiju, Louisville, Kentucky


April 25, 2015 

Vocal Stylings for Ashley Thursby Kern's Movement in Movies project for the Speed Museum
Workhouse Ballroom, Louisville, Kentucky






Upcoming Shows

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