I make music and compose with seemingly stylistically different ensembles. With a vocal and keyboard background, I layer dynamic vocal sounds ranging from softly haunting to operatic over rock, free jazz, improv, experimental and avant-garde music. Currently, I like making contemporary versions of the art song.  I have also collaborated and/or performed with Jandek, Damo Suzuki, Tatsuya Nakatani, Darin Gray, Tim Barnes, Catherine Irwin, the Phantom Family Halo, Shutaro Noguchi, Mike O'Bryan, the Louisville Mandolin Orchestra, SAPAT, softcheque, the Dreamland Improvisation Company, Ut Gret, Watter, Jacob Duncan, Little Annie and Baby Dee, the Rascals of Ragtyme, Jonathan Glen Wood, Lowe Sutherland, Kentucky Opera, Steve Good, Pet Eunuch, Julia Purcell of Maiden Radio, and Raw Thug/Arsenio Zignoto.  Some of my enduring influences include Debussy, Schubert, Jacques Brel, Marlene Dietrich, and the Polish band Księżyc.


Here is a nice Muse Moment KET did featuring me.   The portrait is  by James Gammons and the SONICbernheim Blue Moon photo is by John Nation.