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October/November 2019

Lots of gigs in the past few weeks, now I'm looking forward to hermitting to work on new projects. It's a great challenge for me finding balance between performing and going back to the blank canvas, but I have some really exciting projects in store!  I have also  thoroughly enjoyed working on vocals for a few songs with Duet for Theremin & Lap Steel out of Atlanta, after having them on my radar for years! Dreams really do come true!

September 2019

Lots of solo shows coming up as well as Boom pah pah (my German Polka Band) and La Petite Musique (French Cabaret) shows.  Click them for IG pix and video!


Other solo shows this September:

9/5, 9/8, 9/13 and 9/27.  Check HERE for those details.


9/27 will be especially spectacular! I'll be performing my 5 Sonnets to Orpheus based on Rainer Maria Rilke's poems along with dancer Ashley Thursby-Kern and violinist Sara Callaway at the Chapel of St. Phillip Neri.  This will feature a video I made on the vaulted ceiling! Opening will be the fabulous AJ Cornell

June 2019

Photos and partial video (Thanks, Pete Banks!) from my latest show with MONO of Japan and Emma Ruth Rundle full band.  What a fun time!

So enjoyed singing a 2018 piece by Emma O'Halloran called Constellations with Orchestra Enigmatic and Conductor Alex Enyart on June 1st.  It was such a hoot to sing Non, monsieur mon mari with them as well for their Breaking the Mold: Gender Identity show.  Great performances by all throughout the evening.  It was a special space of love and support created that night.  I wish the whole world could make that space for all to feel ok to be oneself.

January 2019

I got to sit down with the mighty JC Denison and talk about myself- (which honestly is really hard to do!) You can hear the entire podcast HERE. I'm so honored to have been asked, it was a delight to laugh with him!

December 2018

Had an absolute blast learning the songs of Dahm Cipolla for his project Phantom Family Halo out on Sophomore Lounge Records.  As the drummer for MONO and Watter, he was in Louisville for the holidays, and I was lucky enough to add vocals and mellotron to a live lunch set at 91.9 WFPK and to the release show. Beautiful end-of-times music that ceremonies the realism of humanity.

November 2018

Finally got together a fb page for La Petite Musique, my French popular songs project 20s-70s with accordionist Mike O'Bryan and a rotating cast of instrumentalist all-stars. It can be found here. Still working on finishing 5 Sonnets to Orpheus as a recording- feeling so Giacometti about it!

July 2018 

Kind press about the French Cabaret from Insider Louisville

June 2018 

So excited to play French Cabaret, bossa and ballads at the Limbo Tiki Bar every Sunday, 6-8pm with Mike O'Bryan accordion and a great revolving cast of violinists and guitarists! 

January 2018

So excited to debut a new song cycle I composed based on several of Rilke's Sonnets to Orpheus at the Speed Museum.  Violinist Sara Soltau Callaway will be playing with me and ballerina Ashley Thursby Kern will be choreographing and dancing it. I cannot wait!


December 2016

This has been an amazing year. I saw the release of two vinyls- a solo and a softcheque, I also created two scores for the Louisville Ballet- one for Ashley Thursby Kern's MM2 project and the other suite for their outreach in schools.  Glass Girls was formed and SAPAT reunited for a handful of mind-blowing shows.  I was honored to play with folks like Jonathan Glen Wood, Cher Von, Shutaro Noguchi, Slobberkiss Int'l,  Tim Barnes, Tatsuya Nakatani and to improv with Jecorey Arthur and Teddy Abrams at Dreamland.  I was honored to sing  several funerals and weddings and to sing for congregations at St. John UCC, St. Thomas Episcopal and St. Marks Episcopal. With the Rascals of Ragtyme, we oktoberfested hard all around, and with Mike O'Bryan, we made temporal dreamy music halls with the sounds of Piaf and Trenet.  It was a hard year, but it was a great year, and I was happy to have lived it.  So now, let's toast the new year, and may it be filled with music and beauty to fight with full fists the evil in the world and to remind us of the best in human beings!  

September 2016

Ck out a review of Radiate the Finite from leoweekly here.

August 2016

The release show at Dreamland was such an incredible time.  Hearing AJ Cornell and Julia Purcell was sublime.  Playing shows with people you love, who make music you love, at a place you love, with so many in the audience you know and love is really...just....the best.  Below are two photos from Shawna Dellecave from Iamis and Guestroom Records from that superlative night.

Stream for free just today (8/14) Radiate the Finite, 2pm-7pm EST HERE

Record release coming up in less than a week with the amazing AJ Cornell and Julia Purcell of Maiden Radio.  Also there will be appearances by Jonathan Glen Wood Ensemble, Arsenio Zignoto and Lowe Sutherland. 

July 2016

You can no pre-order Radiate the Finite vinyl LP with bonus art included here!!!!! The record release is set for August 20 at Dreamland.  AJ Cornell, Julia Purcell will be playing as well!!!!

June 2016

Below is a new video from the forthcoming album called Bear 23.



May 2016

Layouts are proofed and all systems are go for the home stretch of Radiate the Finite!  Stay tuned for the pre-order link that will post here soon! Vinyls should be extant mid summer!


April 2016

This was an exciting month collaborating with Ashley Thursby from the Louisville Ballet.  She asked me to compose a piece that she could choreograph for her Movement in Movies II exploring humanity's relationship with technology.  Working with sound artist AJ Cornell, we recorded and mixed a piece featuring voice, synth, and field recordings of birds and sqeaking floors from  a Pauline Oliveros masterclass.  Ashley then choreographed the entire piece in two weeks!  Louisville Ballet dancers Phillip Velinov and Annie Honebrink danced while a projection of their recorded movements was projected behind them on 50 foot screen.  It was magic! Photo by Sam English



March 2016

My third solo album, Radiate the Finite, is  recorded, mixed and soon will be mastered on April 11.  I'm truly grateful to all who have helped me make it this far with this new music: Kentucky Foundation for Women for funding a large portion of it and allowing me the creative freedom to run full-tilt in a new direction, Warren Gray for his hugely creative input, recording techniques and mixing, friends who inspired and Mused, and finally my soon-to-be Three Year Old who has brought me untold joy.    Great Love to all who accept me for whatever I am.


Nov 2015

As the year comes to an end, I'm nearing completion of my third solo album, Radiate the Finite.  Just doing a few last overdubs before mixing/mastering.  This has been a real challenge to complete with all the ups and downs of the year, life and death influencing every bit of it.  I'm really excited about the stripped down nature of it.  It's stark and simple.  A search for what's essential.  How it will compare to my previous  two albums, I've yet to figure out.  Sometimes Time is just needed to really feel the impact of what you make.  I've really enjoyed all the shows I've played and witnessed this year.  So many wonderful people and so much great music.  Stardust memories now with the soundwaves still out there in a few hearts and minds.  I count the waves with my heart, and hold them still.  


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