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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

This girl has something special, and her atypical work shows it again, in a different way. This time she sings four 'Opera Arias', with Andrew Fleishman (piano): this music could be precisely in the catalogue of Harmonia Mundi or Hyperion, maybe the best labels for lyrical and classical music. Dane Waters seems to have no limits in her experimentations and her courage is admirable and wide.”

-NICOLA NOVELLI, Sudden Art Music Magazine


“….Dane Waters haunts that conceptual space between Björk, Woodpecker Wooliams and Ruby Throat: fey, spooky vocals, mysterious instrumental backings and impenetrable lyrics… Sometimes you know an artist has that special ingredient - "it" - and, through all the weirdness, Dane Waters certainly has "it." ”– Terrascope Rumbles, United Kingdom, January 2013. 


“As a solo performer as well as member of Sapat, she displays an impeccable melodic sensibility, and has a voice so wonderfully haunting, it sends chills down your spine."

- JOEL HUNT, The Other SIde of Life


Out now here: Torch Songs. This 5th solo album is a sonic exploration and contemporary take on the 20thc torch song which originally meant a sentimental or kinda sad song typically about love that didn't work out... Think the feel you get from The Sorrows of Young Werther or Billie Holiday, but a whole new look at songs about nature, cosmic mysteries and fighting prejudice and injustice. 

As a singer of both my own music and others through cabaret and jazz standard gigs, I wanted to create an overlap using voice, synthesizers, guitars and drums and putting my own experimental vocal spin on the whole thing.  I also had mindblowing help from talented friends Dahm Majuri- Cipolla of MONO JAPAN and Evan Patterson of Jaye Jayle.

On other fronts, it was a Joy to lend and give my voice to Bonnie Prince Billy's new album KEEPING SECRETS WILL DESTROY YOU. It is available for pre-order on Drag City here.

Also Jaye Jayle kindly invited me to sing on their new amazing album DON'T LET YOUR LOVE LIFE GET YOU DOWN on Pelagic Records. Pre-order that here!

PS SAPAT is back!




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